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 Trump’s order reverberated across the world Saturday, making it increasingly clear that the measure he had promised during his presidential campaign was casting a wider net than even his opponents had feared.

Confusion and concern among immigrant advocates mounted throughout the day as travelers from the Middle East were detained at U.S. airports or sent home. A lawsuit filed on behalf of two Iraqi men challenged Trump’s executive action, which was signed Friday and initially cast as applying to refugees and migrants.

But as the day progressed, administration officials confirmed that the sweeping order also targeted U.S. legal residents from the named countries — green-card holders — who were abroad when it was signed. Also subject to being barred entry into the United States are dual nationals, or people born in one of the seven countries who hold passports even from U.S. allies, such as the United Kingdom.

The virtually unprecedented measures triggered harsh reactions from not only Democrats and others who typically advocate for immigrants but also key sectors of the U.S. business community. Leading technology companies recalled scores of overseas employees and sharply criticized the president. Legal experts forecast a wave of litigation over the order, calling it unconstitutional. Lawyers and advocates for immigrants are advising them to seek asylum in Canada.

With any other president, it would seem that the law of unintended consequences has begun to apply here and that perhaps we might see a softening of the policy. The targeting of green-card holders -- those previously legally allowed to be in the United States who suddenly find themselves in limbo -- in particular seems to have caught everyone off-guard.

But Trump isn't your average president. And his rhetoric on this issue has made clear he's likely to view the backlash and anecdotes of stranded travelers as merely the cost of doing business -- a perhaps unfortunate side-effect of keeping the country safe. We shouldn't expect any kind of hasty retreat, barring more successful legal challenges.


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