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...Bloomberg-boosters see a chance to remake national politics. In a true three-way race, they reason, winning the White House does not require a majority of voters: about 38% of the electorate in the right states would do. Mr Bloomberg, who is 74, does not have long to decide: he must launch a campaign by early to mid-March to get his name on the presidential ballot in all 50 states. Allies see a path ahead for him if Republicans pick Mr Trump or Mr Cruz and Democrats choose Mr Sanders. They also see a way to win if Mrs Clinton looks like prevailing, but has been weakened and driven to the left (or if she faces the real danger of an indictment for mishandling government e-mails as President Barack Obama’s first secretary of state). The din and fury of this year’s presidential primary season actively encourages Bloomberg-backers. They argue that most Americans abstain from such party contests. Studying polls, they spy a “new silent majority” that is fed-up with the status quo, but is not ready to burn it down.

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