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Call to Action in Support of U.S. Business Opportunity in Russia:


The impact of events of 2014 in U.S.-Russian relations are effectively

extracting a disproportionate tax on good U.S. businesses engaged in

legitimate business in and with Russia. Council for U.S.-Russia Relations is

hearing from members uniformly that their 2014 sales in Russia are down and

that they are revising downward projections for business in 2015. U.S.

businesses are losing sales opportunities in Russia as a cost of U.S.

foreign policy. The U.S. economic disengagement with Russia manifested in

part by U.S. and western sanctions and subsequent Russian counter sanction

measures disproportionately impacts a relatively small number of U.S.

companies. The actual costs in lost U.S. business opportunities in Russia

are poorly understood but the effective "tax" on the companies impacted is

unfairly high. 




Western sanctions (and Russian counter sanction measures) and the general

downturn in U.S.-Russian relations have cast broad market uncertainty on

transactions between U.S. and Russian companies. The market is being

affected broadly well beyond the letter of sanctions. U.S. companies losing

commercial opportunity with Russia is hurting U.S. businesses and export

sales. While Russia's economy is being hurt, Russian companies will acquire

the goods and services they need. The result of the sanctions and their

broader market impacts is that U.S. companies may lose opportunity in

Russia. The Presidential Administration, members of Congress, and Russia

desk staff at the U.S. State Department, Department of Commerce and the

National Security Council appear to consider commercial re-engagement with

Russia as "rewarding" or "benefiting" Russia. Accordingly, commercial

cooperation re-engagement with Russia is being held up pending some degree

of resolution of the dispute in Eastern Ukraine. This reflects a general

misunderstanding. U.S. commerce with Russia, the fifth largest global

economy in 2013, is foremost of benefit to U.S. companies through export

sales and job creation opportunity. 




Indirect interference in U.S. economic opportunity in Russia as fallout of

U.S. and international foreign policy influence on the Russian Federation is

placing a disproportional financial burden on U.S. companies working with

Russia. Council for U.S.-Russia Relations is asking the U.S. government

recognize the disproportionate costs borne by these U.S. companies in lost

business opportunities in Russia and consider alternative approaches of

influence with the Russian Federation to economic measures, and that these

alternative measures not extract opportunity costs on U.S. companies engaged

in legitimate business transactions with non-sanctioned Russian

counterparts. Using the commercial opportunity of a limited number of U.S.

companies as a foreign policy lever is extracting an unfair and unintended

tax on these businesses.




Council for U.S.-Russia Relations is sharing this message with the

Administration, Departments of Commerce and State, the National Security

Council and members of Congress, and we encourage you to please write your

Congress member and Senator with this same or similar message. They are

otherwise not aware of the implications of the current policy and need to

hear from us all.




Requesting your support:


As 2014 comes to a close, Council for U.S.-Russia Relations hopes you can

include us in your annual giving this year. We are facing difficult times in

the fundraising environment and we truly need your personal support.  There

is lots of work to be done in getting our bilateral relations back on track

and your support this year is essential. Please support Council for

U.S.-Russia Relations, a 501-C-3, with your tax deductible contribution in

any amount you choose. All contributions are greatly appreciated. For return

receipt purposes, please include your email or address along with your

check. For information on Council for U.S.-Russia Relations please see:


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