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Странная аналогия с  этим романом Хермана Вука  в связи с последними футбольными переживаниями.  Одно свидетельство я получил от сына моих американских друзей, который сейчас занимается русским языком в С.- Петербурге:

Had an amazing night last night, was out with the AC group watching the football (soccer game) between Russia and Holland in the European Cup on TV downtown for the first bit. The entire country must have been watching the game, when the first Russia goal was scored we were still on the street walking to the bar and suddenly a huge yell came from everywhere, so we knew they had put one in. It was incredibly close, 1-1 all the way through, most of the way through overtime, and everyone was tense... then in the last few minutes of overtime Russia scored two goals within the space of about 30 seconds and locked it up, and the entire city erupted. Everyone went wild, the streets were jammed with people yelling, waving flags, hugging each other, horns honking and massive traffic... all of this at about 1:30 AM. We walked out from Kazanskaya square through the huge crowds down to the Neva river, stood in front of the Hermitage and watched the bridges opening and the ships going through, and when I finally got home at around 3:30 the city was still alive with noise and people packing the sidewalks and streets. I'd never seen anything like it. When it's so light out all the time it's like time is standing still, and people forget that the hours are passing by. Most amazingly, it was an incredibly happy, jubilant crowd (though I'm sure it would have been a very different scene if the game had gone the other way).

Это, так сказать, взгляд извне.

Другое свидетельство пришло из Москвы от моего старинного приятеля и выражает взгляд изнутри:

...ты просто не сможешь представить, что тут творилось ночью после матча. Я на Пречистенке проживаю, окна на улицу, уснуть не смог от пьных криков и гудков до 5 утра. Вобщем, у россиян усилиями Билана и Аршавина "жизнь налаживается". 22 июня у нас уже не день начала Войны, чтоб ты знал, а победы над сборной Голландии.

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