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Очень напоминает царя в каком-то старом русском мультике. Там он был в ночной рубахе и с короной не по размеру на голове.

President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, at a ceremony in Moscow on Sunday, has said nothing recently on the unrest in Ukraine. CreditAlexander Zemlianichenko/Associated Press

Mr. Putin has a number of options to influence affairs in Ukraine short of an armed intervention. Ukraine’s economy is entwined with that of Russia, which is by far its greatest trading partner, and Ukraine’s heavy industry is hugely dependent on Russian gas. And the Kremlin can inflame separatist tensions almost at will, if it so desires, destabilizing the country. Perhaps Mr. Putin’s most effective weapon, though, is time, sitting back and watching asthe West takes ownership of an economy on the brink of collapse.


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