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Вышла книжка, которую нужно прочесть. На Амазоне пока нет, но должна скоро появиться.

Carla del Ponte, the former Hague chief prosecutor for war crimes in former Yugoslavia, released a book entitled Hunt: Me and War Criminals. In her memoirs, Ms del Ponte uncovers what Serbian officials and service chiefs told her during formal and informal meetings, as well as the operations they undertook to arrest the Hague fugitives. She also writes how the current leaders of Kosovo made a fortune on selling the organs of murdered Serbs.

The book tells us that in the summer of 1999 300 young Serbs were abducted in Kosovo. They were transported to Albania for execution and then their organs were sold on the global black market. Hashim Thaci, the former leader of the Kosovo Liberation Army, the current Prime Minister of Kosovo, who earned the nickname of “The Snake” for his cruelty, is said to have taken personal control of the operation and receive millions of dollars from the sale of the organs of the murdered Serbs. In Serbia, Hashim Thaci had always been considered a war criminal. Many of his crimes are documented. Serbia demanded that the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia investigate all of these crimes. The prosecutors received detailed maps of burial sites and concentration camps in Kosovo and in northern Albania, the evidence of cruel tortures and genocide against the Serbs, including children and pregnant women. But, all these attempts were nipped in the bud; none of the complaints were taken into consideration. The Tribunal focused only on crimes committed by Serbs.

Yelena Guskova, a Russian expert from the Institute of Slavic and Balkan Studies, explained why the West has such a selective approach toward the issue. “In fact, Serbia is being punished for disobedience. Because if Belgrade had had allowed NATO to invade Serbian territories in 1998 and destroy Yugoslavia in the 90s, it could have probably avoided this conflict. How could they divide Serbia without having enough evidence of the genocide committed by the Serbian authorities? Only having convinced the rest of the world that the Kosovo Albanians were pursued, they received a chance to demand Kosovo’s independence. Actually, there were no grounds for doing this, so the West had nothing to do but invent them”.

In an interview with the Italian journal La Stampa, Ms del Ponte said that the persecution of war criminals in the modern world is nothing but a political charade. If the crimes committed by Albanians had been made public before the announcement of its UDI, Kosovo would have never gained recognition of its independence. It is not by chance that her book is only set to be issued now, after Kosovo declared its independence from Serbia.

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