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А также в области балета мы впереди планеты всей...

MOSCOW was the most expensive city in the world for a hotel room in 2012, according to an annual report by Hogg Robinson Group (HRG), a British firm that provides corporate-travel services. The study compares the average hotel room rates in the 55 most expensive cities in the world. Prices rose in 32 cities last year, compared with 23 in 2011.

It is the ninth consecutive year that Moscow has topped this list. In 2010, Gulliver noted that although room rates in Moscow had plunged they were still the costliest in the world. (They had been as high as $475 per night in 2009.) In 2012 the average daily rate in Russia's capital was $414. That is over $50 more than in Lagos, Nigeria. Rates are sky-high in these two cities for similar reasons. Safety-conscious business travellers prefer to stay in five-star hotels that offer good security, and there simply aren’t enough of them. New hotels have opened in Moscow since that eye-watering 2009 record, which helped bring prices down for a time. But in 2012 they began to rise again, by 5%.

The biggest annual increases were in Brazil, where supply has not kept pace with surging demand from business travellers. Staying in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo cost 19% and 15% more respectively (in local currency terms) than it did in 2011. The last time a luxury-brand hotel opened in São Paulo was a decade ago, notes HRG.

Abu Dhabi suffers from the opposite problem. An oversupply in the luxury market contributed to a fall in prices of 11%. It is among the five cities that have seen the biggest declines in room rates. The others are Washington, DC, (-14%), Bangalore (-12%), Istanbul (-10%) and New Delhi (-9%). In Istanbul, the civil war in neighbouring Syria has forced hotels to offer drastic cuts.

The most expensive average hotel prices in 2012: 1. Moscow, $414; 2. Lagos, $361; 3. New York City, $350; 4. Hong Kong, $332; 5. Zurich, $326; 6. Geneva, $324; 7. Rio de Janeiro, $316; 8. Paris, $309; 9. Sydney, $306; 10. Stockholm, $305

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