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Учение Маркса всесильно, потому что оно верно

Когда-то даным давно, кажется в связи с падением Берлинской стены, на стене здания в университетском кампусе появилась метровая надпись: Phony communism is dead. Long live real communism. Я тогда еще смеялся. Но хорошо смеется тот, кто смеется последним. 

...Established in 1960, the royalty payments to ILA workers are based on the tons of container cargo that move through a port. That tonnage has risen from 50 million tons in 1996 to 110 million last year, according to the alliance. Total payments last year were $211 million, according to the USMX, or an average of $15,500 per worker.

The original idea of the royalty payments was to protect longshoremen from wage losses expected as a result of "containerization," in which more and more goods are packed in the now-familiar 20- and 40-foot long boxes. Those take less manpower to off-load than the less-standardized containers they replaced.


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