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Walter Laqueur (sic!)

Traditionally, youth has been a factor of hope in politics. As the philosopher Martin Buber put it in 1918, “Youth is the eternal chance mankind possesses.” Older generations generally focus on the difficulties, dangers, and risks of political change. But young people have always had the passion, idealism, and enthusiasm to struggle for political progress. It is no coincidence that, when the French Revolution broke out, the most fiery of revolutionaries, Saint-Just, was just 22. Georges-Jaques Danton, meanwhile, was nearly 30—and therefore considered an old man. 

However, the second part of Buber’s statement about youth is usually forgotten: “What a pity that this chance is usually wasted.” If youth is the season of hope, it is also the age of credulity and fanaticism; the radicalism on behalf of which youth has served as a vanguard has not always been so admirable.


PS A Уолтер Лакер человек сильно нетривиальный. Век живи, век учись -- Noch ein Mal

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