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С подачи френда узнал про Ольгу Славникову:

Slavnikova: Actually it’s true, in Russia there are always things going on that would be very difficult for anybody, for a regular European, to even just survive. It really is a very dangerous country. You’re on the outskirts of town, it’s a dangerous neighborhood, it’s late. Here’s the test. One side of the street is lit and the other side of the street isn’t lit. Which side of the street is the Englishman going to choose to go down. I’m certain, of course, that the Englishmen would choose the lit side of the street, it seems safer. And of course, the Russian is going to choose the dark side, because nobody can see him there and he can see everything better. And the Russian knows from experience that the dark side of the street is the safe side. The truth is that it really is a country where there is always a lot of tension and things are always changing. And when they change, they change dramatically. So there is always something to write about. It’s another story that a high price is paid for that information, for having all that to write about. And sometimes it’s a price that a writer can’t pay. It is the truth that writers, in order to write, need a certain amount of peace and free time. In the nineteen-nineties, when there was a terrible economic crisis and people were shooting on the streets, I saw a lot of talented young people who lost themselves in that situation. They didn’t die, but they weren’t alive.

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