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Пытался хоть что-то понять в разварачивающейся левой вакханалии. Получается с пониманием плохо. Вот надергал из последних сообщений.

"We are unstoppable! Another world is possible!" Kara Segal and other
volunteers chanted in the building lobby as they arrived to help unpack
and sort items, preparing them to be rolled out to the park.

While on the streets, moments of madness occasionally erupt in the protest
crowd — accompanied by whiffs of marijuana, grungy clothing and disarray
— order prevails at the storage site...

In Richmond, Va., about 75 people gathered Sunday for one of the
"general assembly" meetings that are a key part of the movement's
consensus-building process. Protester Whitney Whiting, a video editor,
said the process has helped "gather voices" about Americans discontent,
and that she expects it will eventually take the movement a step

"In regards to a singular issue or a singular focus, I
think that will come eventually. But right now we have to set up a space
for that to happen," Whiting said...

Some U.S. protesters, like those in Europe, have their own causes.
Unions that have joined forces with the movement have demands of their
own, and on Sunday members of the newly formed Occupy Pittsburgh group
demanded that Bank of New York Mellon Corp. pay back money they allege
it overcharged public pension funds around the country.

На колу мочало, начинай сначала
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