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Надо бы сходить

Friday, October 21, 2011, 2:30 – 3:30,Kane Hall 210, reception to follow

Margaret Wright(short biography), Courant Institute of Mathematical
Sciences, New York University (Computer Science)
Fast Times in Linear
Programming: Early Success, Revolutions, and Mysteries

 Linear programming (LP), which isn't really about programming, is a simple-to-state mathematical problem of enormous practical importance. The dramatic saga of LP solution methods began immediately after World War II with unexpected practical success that continued for more than 30 years despite theoretical reservations; next came two sweeping revolutions whose effects are still widely misunderstood. This talk will describe mathematical and computational issues from the history of LP, enlivened by controversy and international politics, as well as some fascinating remaining mysteries.

Любопытно, упомянет ли Леонида Витальевича? Обычно забывают.

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