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Пожалуй, можно с Гребером и поспорить. Его вывод:
However tawdry their origins, the creation of new media of exchange —
coinage appeared almost simultaneously in Greece, India, and China —
appears to have had profound intellectual effects. Some have even gone
so far as to argue that Greek philosophy was itself made possible by
conceptual innovations introduced by coinage. The most remarkable
pattern, though, is the emergence, in almost the exact times and places
where one also sees the early spread of coinage, of what were to become
modern world religions: prophetic Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism,
Jainism, Confucianism, Taoism, and eventually, Islam. While the precise
links are yet to be fully explored, in certain ways, these religions
appear to have arisen in direct reaction to the logic of the market. To
put the matter somewhat crudely: if one relegates a certain social space
simply to the selfish acquisition of material things, it is almost
inevitable that soon someone else will come to set aside another domain
in which to preach that, from the perspective of ultimate values,
material things are unimportant, and selfishness — or even the self —

небесспорен. С равным основанием можно было бы предположить, что появление удобного инструмента экономической жизни дало мощный толчок развитию, потребовавшему концентрации сил для осмысления происходящего.

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