February 19th, 2018


Трамп говорите. Ну, ну.

 Тут давеча случился очередной, пятьсот тысяч первый, разговор про политические предпочтения русских эмигрантов в Америке. Неожиданно я получил поддержку в лице этой публикации. Которую я весьма рекомендовал бы моим "соиммигрантам" прочитать:

In the end, “Russiagate” might well be the thing that brings Donald Trump down—we Russians are known for heroic suicide missions. But we Americans must not forget that the underlying issue is neither Putin nor Trump, neither collusion nor obstruction. What we’re dealing with now is the global assault by authoritarianism on democracy. On this new battlefield, complicity is deadly, and so is defeatism. If the largest democratic “safe haven” in the world turns malignant, rejecting its founding principles of liberty and justice for all, no Canada or Norway would be able to accommodate us. The American dream that drew us Russians hither will not last, unless we all, collectively, figure out the way to save it.


Originally posted at otkaznik1.dreamwidth.org