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January 30th, 2018

Список Путина

В отличие от козленка, Минфин умеет считать до 210.

[reposted post] Ход конем

Вчера был один из самых тяжелых дней в истории Рашагейта.

1. Санкций, о которых так долго ломали копья, не будет. Администрация Трампа тупо положила на решение Конгресса и решила, что в новых санкциях нет нужны.

President Donald Trump’s administration signaled it was not imposing new sanctions under a bill he reluctantly signed into law in August, just six months into his presidency.
Members of Congress, including Democrats and some of Trump’s fellow Republicans, have been clamoring for his administration to use sanctions to punish Moscow for past election interference and prevent future meddling in U.S. polls.
“Given the long timeframes generally associated with major defense deals, the results of this effort are only beginning to become apparent,” Nauert said. “From that perspective, if the law is working, sanctions on specific entities or individuals will not need to be imposed because the legislation is, in fact, serving as a deterrent.”


2. Вчера истекал положенный по закону о санкциях срок предоставления Конгрессу докладу о российских олигархах, включая их близость к Путину, коррупционность, источники состояния и зарубежные активы. Неизвестно, что вошло в закрытую часть доклада, то в опубликованной части никакой этой информации нет - просто тупой список членов российского правительства и всех российских миллиардеров по версии журнала Форбс. Похоже на издевательскую отписку.

The U.S. Treasury Department's list released Monday detailing 210 Russian oligarchs and close political affiliates of President Vladimir Putin bears a striking similarity to a list of Russia's richest citizens published in Forbes Magazine in 2017.
In fact, almost all 96 oligarchs listed in the unclassified annex of the report, who have a net worth of at least $1 billion, can be found in Forbes' ranking of the "200 richest businessmen in Russia 2017."
The department made clear that this was not a sanctions list, though many of the individuals on the list are already subject to U.S. sanctions. Now it appears that the list is simply a who's who of Russia's rich, seemingly giving it less significance than originally thought.


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