November 18th, 2015


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According to Agence France-Presse, the French police have officially ended their early morning raid in the Saint-Denis suburb of Paris on the morning of Nov. 18. The raid targeted suspected perpetrators of the Nov. 13 terror attacks in Paris, which left 129 dead. During the course of the raid, seven suspects were arrested and at least two were killed. While three men were holed up inside an apartment, a man and a woman were detained near the apartment. It has also been confirmed that a woman blew herself up by detonating a suicide belt during the operation. Heavy gunfire and several explosions rocked this northern Paris suburb when security personnel cornered the suspects in a building.

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Раньше коробило до физического отвращения. Теперь привыкаю и скоро сам начну говорить "наиболее оптимальный". Плохо.

Ветрено. Сыро, темно. И ветрено.
Полночь швыряет листву и ветви на
кровлю. Можно сказать уверенно:
здесь и скончаю я дни, теряя
волосы, зубы, глаголы, суффиксы,
черпая кепкой, что шлемом суздальским,
из океана волну, чтоб сузился,
хрупая рыбу, пускай сырая.