September 12th, 2013


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Russian President Vladimir Putin has an op-ed in today’s New York Times urging President Obama not to strike Syria. It’s a fascinating document — a very Russian perspective translated into American vernacular, an act of public diplomacy aimed at the American public and the latest chess move in the U.S.-Russia standoff over Syria, one in which we the readers are implicated. Putin does make a number of valid and even compelling points, but there is an undeniable hypocrisy and even some moments of dishonesty between the lines.

Bumper stickers

Наблюдал карикатурного мужичка, в костюме пионера, осваивающего дикий запад: широкополая шляпа, кожаный жилет, джинсы, сапоги. Только кольта не хватает. Ехал на развалюхе, сплошь покрытой  надписями. Запомнились две, вероятно представляющие кредо мужичка: Love animals, don't eat them. Free healthcare for all - Now! Емко.