September 3rd, 2009


From Catherine Clement 'Syncope's Strategies'

"When they depart onto the roads of exile, human beings suffer the nostalgia of their lost country. It is this very experience that will make them become, in a foreign land, sorts of artists of daily life. The foreigner naturally lives his exile as a misfortune, he is often persecuted. But this displacement, which little by little disappears in the new country, provides a particular strength, an energy that belongs only to him; sometimes he is listened to as a purveyor of the truth. If he remains completely in the world that has been left behind, and if he continues to affirm his distant origins by jealously preserving them, he will remain in the equivalent of the 'schizoid'...If he takes root too immediately in the new country, the same phenomena will occur. But if he truly the stranger, he will experience moments of disintegration, agitation, devastation, and disgust in which the essence of the creative act can be discerned. It will then be possible, like the story teller who told Socrates the tale of the old people who did not grow older, to tell stories from elsewhere, which are destined to everyone, to no one, to ourselves"