December 18th, 2006


Лондонский «Экономист» пишет:

The tentacles of the Alexander Litvinenko affair have reached Tel Aviv. Litvinenko, a former Russian agent who died of radiation poisoning in London on November 23rd, apparently delivered a dossier to a Russian-born billionaire in Tel Aviv weeks before his death. Leonard Nevzlin, a former chief executive of Yukos, once Russia's biggest oil company, claims that Litvinenko passed him evidence describing how agents working for Russia's president, Vladimir Putin, had punished Mr Putin's enemies on Yukos's board. “Alexander had information on crimes committed with the Russian government's direct participation,” Mr Nevzlin told Britain’s Times newspaper.

Mr Nevzlin has since given the dossier to the British police, who told the Times that Litvinenko had uncovered “startling” new material about Yukos. Mr Nevzlin, who fled to Tel Aviv after the break-up of Yukos, is wanted in Russia on charges of tax evasion and budget irregularities, and in connection with the murder of the mayor of a Siberian town where Yukos was operating.

See article: “Murder most opaque”, December 13th 2006

Расследование убийства Литвиненко Скотленд-Ярдом может открыть такую банку с червями, о которой Кремль вряд ли думал, затевая эту историю. А может наооборот - думал, потому и затеял.