otkaznik (otkaznik) wrote,

Хорошо и правильно

Rabbi, change is knocking on your door and it's time to let her in -- before the whole building collapses.


Change? How about if we adapt instead?

Ever heard Dr. Velvel Green's sci-fi story of the Great Meltdown? It goes like this: Some nuclear testing results in a rapid meltdown of the polar ice cap. Scientists warn the world that they have only three weeks left before the entire planet is submerged. Catholics run to Rome for salvation, Muslims to Mecca, Americans to their TV sets, etc. Meantime, a throng of Jews gathers in Brooklyn where a certain rabbi is just concluding the afternoon prayer. He turns to the microphone array and says, "Yidden! We have three weeks to learn to live underwater!"

This is the difference between changing and adapting. To change means to surrender -- to give up who you are because the circumstances seem so much more powerful than you. To adapt means to come to a better understanding of who you are and how you are able to meet this challenge.

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