otkaznik (otkaznik) wrote,

Маленький наш мир

Сегодня на Уол-Стрите (и не только) траур:

WALL Street shares went into a tailspin overnight after steep declines in global markets, with the main blue-chip Dow Jones index plunging 400 points or 3.17 per cent at the final bell.

А началось все в Китае:

And ahead of the local opening, New Zealand share prices plunged 2.9 per cent in the first hour of trading , in the first trading session since China sent world markets into a spin with a nearly 9-per-cent dive.

А тут еще и Алан Гринспен добавил:

Comments from former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan and rising tension about Iran's nuclear program also served to undermine investor confidence.

Greenspan had warned on Monday that the US economy had been expanding since 2001 and that there were signs that the current economic cycle was coming to an end.

Но все же думаю, что китайский пузырь - главная причина. Рано или поздно следовало ожидать этих китайских фокусов.

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