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Интересно, кто был тот московский математик, с которым встретился Лорен Грэм:

In the summer of 2004 one of the co-authors of this proposed book, Loren Graham, met with a prominent mathematician in Moscow known to be in sympathy with Name-Worshipping.  The mathematician implied he was a Name-Worshipper without stating it outright.  His apartment was decorated with the symbols of Name-Worshipping, including photographs of its leaders.  His library was filled with rare books and articles on Name-Worshipping.  Loren asked if it would be possible for him to witness a Name-Worshipper in the Jesus Prayer trance.  “No,” replied the mathematician, “this practice is very intimate, and is best done alone.  For you to witness it would be considered an intrusion.  However, if you are looking for some evidence of Name-Worshipping today I would suggest that you visit the basement of the Church of St. Tatiana the Martyr.  In that basement is a spot that has recently become sacred to Name-Worshippers.”  Loren knew about this church; forty-five years earlier he had attended a student dance in the building after the church itself had been eliminated by Soviet authorities and converted into a student club and theater.  Now, in the post-Soviet period, it has been restored as the official church of Moscow University, as it was before the Revolution.  It is located on the old campus near the Kremlin, in a building next to the one that housed the Department of Mathematics when Egorov and Luzin dominated that department.  It is the church where they often prayed.  Loren asked the mathematician, “When I go into the basement, how will I know when I have reached the sacred spot?”  The mathematician replied, “You will know when you get there.”



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