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Thanks again for drawing my attention to the papers you sent. I think I get an idea why these papers and other publications of this kind are appealing to you and other liberal Americans. And why they are not so much appealing to me.
Initially, I wanted to respond by thoroughly explaining all the reasons for my reserved attitude. But it turned out I would have to put together a whole dissertation for this which is not very practical and hardly worth effort by you to read. Instead, I should probably give you a major and concise basis of my doubts regarding the position presented in the papers.
I think that the major point of contention I come across all the time is the partisan approach in politics that I can see everywhere. While I am very much nonpartisan and even anti-partisan. The papers you sent present a very sharp example of such partisan thinking. Although politics seems to be formed along the party lines I believe that life outside of the party affiliation is no less (actually more) important. I know that the American electorate is split, roughly, 30% Democrats, 30% Republicans, and 40% independent. To me, it means that the partisan ideology has only limited influence on the political situation in the country and to a larger extent depends on other non-partisan factors.

I am perfectly aware of the problem named Trump here and elsewhere. But I do not believe that the problem solution should be sought by party affiliation. Moreover, now as we live in the post-Trump period I pay much more attention to the new administration and its grandiose plans of unprecedented state involvement in the life of the US. It makes me nervous and I keep collecting questions to Biden’s gigantic plans.

Although I decided not to give you many details of my thinking, I should probably dwell on a thought that crossed my mind when reading the papers you sent. This is about the meaning of the January 6 event. I have probably given you my calibration of this event which is different from yours and what the author presented. Again, do not get me wrong, I am very much concerned with the seriousness of this event and its impact on the whole life of the country. But I’d like to see it in proportion. Even if the event may be described as a coup attempt, it was a priori to fail. Again I should refer to my underlying faith in the American democracy and its institutions. I would distinguish real coups or revolutions from their symbols. To support my thinking I would refer you to two historical examples: The storming of the Bastille and the Storm of the Winter Palace. Both events symbolized the revolutions, the Great French Revolution and the no less Great October Revolution. But in itself, they were just symbols having very little effect on the revolutions per ce.
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