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Помимо всех прочих проблем, "политика идентичности" еще и внутренне противоречива и приводит к практически неразрешимым конфликтам. Нам еше предстоит не раз в этом убедиться:

In 2019, high school senior Selina Soule
competed in a track tournament and finished in 8th place. She was disappointed, because a 7th place finish would have advanced her to the finals. She was even more disappointed when she learned that two transgender runners—both biological males—had taken 1st and 2nd place. In response, Selina bravely stood up
for women’s rights and joined two other athletes in filing a civil rights complaint against the Department of Education.

Joe Biden didn’t care about Selina’s story when he signed an executive order
on his first day in office that encourages schools to let biological males play on women’s teams.
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