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The paper on the events in Moscow by Anton Troianovski of NYT starts with this paragraph:
MOSCOW — Aleksandr Pasechnik, a socialist, sees the jailed opposition leader Aleksei A. Navalny as part of the “liberal intelligentsia.” Mikhail Svetov, Russia’s best-known libertarian, recoils from Mr. Navalny’s economic populism. Olga Nikiforova, a monarchist, long refused to believe that Mr. Navalny was poisoned.
By Anton Troianovski
· Published Jan. 30, 2021Updated Jan. 31, 2021
Which immediately sets a very wrong tone. Pointing at different political party affiliations the author seems to allude that there is a real political life in Russia with different political parties. As if Russia is a regular democracy. This brings up a very wrong impression. Current Russia is a fully-fledged autocracy with a dictator on the top. The regime is formed by a pack of gangsters who have taken control of the country and systematically robbed it. The only concern of the bandits is to make sure that the control would always remain in their hands. The fake pseudo-democratic institutions like the officially recognized political parties, the Russian parliament Duma, the judicial system with courts, judges, and prosecutors are considered just decorations obedient to the will of the rulers and the prime dictator Mr. Putin.
Navalny is a rare example of real opposition to the regime and Putin. Over many years he systematically revealed corruption schemes and abuse of power permeating the Russian ruling pyramid. The amount of stolen money that the Russian top-level officials accumulated at their bank accounts and invested in various property around the globe is mindboggling. The Russian power bosses and Putin himself could not stand it any longer and the order to kill Navalny was issued. He was poisoned by “Novichok” a Russian lethal poisonous substance that has already been used under various circumstances toward enemies of the Russian regime.
There is no need to repeat the story of poisoning Navalny, his miraculous survival in Germany, all the extraordinary discoveries made by the group of Bellingcat and particularly Christo Grozev, his return back home to Russia, and imprisonment. The story was covered in all major media. What is important is to stress that this story was amazing proof of the criminal nature of the Kremlin regime and its God Father Putin. The Russian historian Nikita Petrov, an expert in the history of the Soviet Secret Police such as Cheka, GPU, NKVD, MGB, and KGB, noted the practice of political murders that had been developed and widely used by Stalin and his servants has never been admitted even after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The new Russian government never officially condemned that practice and hence from the standpoint of the current regime it is still legitimate. The attempt to murder Navalny clearly showed that the Russian government still uses this practice and its application is getting wider. This observation leads to the conclusion that the Russian state may legitimately be referred to as a terrorist state.
Whoever tries to describe the Russian situation should keep it in mind. People around the world should realize this when they try to understand what is going in in Russia these days. I hope that the journalists covering Russia would understand this and look at the Russian events from a proper angle.
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