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I keep noticing how English words and expressions infiltrate the modern Russian language. My last observation in this regard was particularly remarkable. All of a sudden Russian journalists started using the strong English colloquialism ‘f&ck-up’ (факап). They use it aptly and I do not feel usual irritation when coming across often inappropriate and wide use of English blue-prints. But I feel envious. 
It was during the first visit of my old friend and teacher Michael to Moscow. We walked over the Oktaybrskaya Square and Michael looking at the prominent Kerbel’s Lenin melancholically dropped: “Mr. F&ck-up”. The perfect fit of this name stroked me then and later I tried to find an adequate Russian translation for it. In vain. Thirty years later the quest is over. They just use the English word. No sweat. Originally posted at otkaznik1.dreamwidth.org
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    Кажется я понял. Отношение выходцев из России к Америке и происходящим в ней событиям в значительной мере определяется степенью проникновения в их…

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    Мы не любим тех, от кого вынужденно зависим. Поэтому тщеславие неотделимо от мизантропии.

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    Провидческий гений Михаила Евграфовича: "О сем умолчу. Въехал в Глупов на белом коне, сжег гимназию и упразднил науки." (с)

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